Best Anonymous Social Media App of 2021

With the modern social media landscape valuing reputation, fame and status more than fun and interesting conversations, anonymous social media apps have made a massive comeback. In the early days of the Internet, it was a lot easier to stay anonymous and nameless, but now social media apps have to be specially built for such use. Not sure which to use? Here’s a run-down of some of the most popular anonymous social media apps to keep your privacy safe, and ultimately, why is the best to opt for.

Our pick:

Sayches is a microblogging platform designed for privacy. In an online culture where whatever you say online be used against you, even words from years ago, is relentlessly refreshing. On this platform, anything you write will be permanently deleted after 24 hours.

This app allows for complete freedom of expression, without the need for anti-surveillance measures like VPNs. You can say what’s on your mind without the fear of repercussions, keep up to date on world affairs and strike up interesting conversations with fellow users. Remain nameless and secure with

Unlike services like Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat, Sayches promise not to track or sell your data to third parties.

Gab Social

Gab Social is another microblogging site that aims to champion personal liberty and freedom of speech. Users can make accounts and enjoy posting without censorship.

However, the app isn’t entirely anonymous, and security agencies have used the service in the past to identify posters. Furthermore, Gab Social is steeped in controversy as a ‘safe haven’ for neo-Nazi groups and Anti-Semitism — tarnishing its reputation among the general public.


Minds’ unique selling point as a private microblogging platform is its integration with cryptocurrency. Minds users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using the service, and tokens can be used to boost their posts.

Minds are however relatively new and there is a lack of content currently on the platform. Unlike Sayches, this isn’t by design. Minds operates on Channels and Groups, but these can often be empty or sparse of interesting content. The platform is moderated minimally, with its founders saying the service prefers to not remove hate speech and instead focuses on deradicalization.


Gettr bills itself as the marketplace of ideas and was founded on rejecting ‘cancel culture’ and political censorship. Gettr is an inherently political platform and was created by Jason Miller, a former aide of President Donald Trump. It aims to be an alt-right Twitter replacement, with many parts of its UI mirroring that of Twitter.

Gettr has had a rocky start since its release, with many users flooding the site with pornography at launch. Its most recent controversy lies with reports from Politico that the site had been ‘overrun’ by ISIS.


Sayches is by far our best pick for an anonymous social media app. As posts on the platform are wiped after 24 hours, we find using the app incredibly liberating. It also naturally prevents the service being used by unscrupulous actors and extremists for coordination, like the other anonymous apps can be prone to.

We find Sayches to be a far safer platform to share ideas and have fun online, and we highly recommend the app to users who are looking for a private, censorship-free social media platform.